Box Tops Collection Container

Since my theme has changed this year, I am starting from scratch.  Yikes! ;0   But it's fun!  As teachers, we are always trying to figure out how we can reuse a bottle, can, or container before we disregard it.  After I finished using the Lysol wipes, I decided to make my Box Tops Collection Container.  I covered it with Duck Brand Adhesive Liner, 20 X 22 zebra theme that I purchased from Walmart and then I glued the teal ribbon on the top and on the bottom of the container.  I cut out some stars and wrote Box Tops.  I hot-glued the stars to the middle of the container.  My wonderful husband sprayed painted the top of the container white.  I covered the opening part of the lid with Zebra Duct Tape bought from Office Max.  Voila!  All done! Now we just have to fill it up! :)  What do you think? 

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