Writing Focus Sticks

I found this really cool website and I just went nuts! ;)  The Focus Sticks are to help students focus on specific skills of writing.  I figured to give this a try.  I'm not taking credit and I can say that I can't wait to begin to implement it with my students!  Thank you so much Make, Take & Teach for this great idea!  The creator has everything listed on her site.  I did do something different; I covered the popsicle sticks with Mod Podge in order to protect the sticker, so I strongly suggest this great little trick.  I numbered each stick in order to avoid confusion and lost Focus Sticks.

I also glued the posters to my zebra themed ribbon.  I glued the beginning writers posters on one ribbon with yellow palm trees on the top so the students can remember that these skills match the yellow popsicle stick.  Then, I glued the advanced writers posters together on the fantastic zebra theme ribbon and placed green palm trees on the top so that it matches the green popsicle stick.  I hope you can use this with your students.  Have you ever used Focus Sticks before?  How did it go?  If you haven't used them, what do you think about them?

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