Outer Space Classroom Pack

I did it!  I did it!  I created my FIRST ever classroom pack!  Wow, that was out of this world! :)  I have to thank my friend and great colleague who asked me to make this for her.  I took the challenge and realized that oh boy, I had my hands full!  I have dedicated the past week to creating this wonderfully and bright classroom decor.  I'm just so proud of myself! :)

So, if you are thinking of creating your classroom using the outer space theme, I have everything you need to reach infinity and beyond! This file is available to download in my TpT store, just click here or click here to go directly to the file.  The file includes word wall letters, alphabet, numbers (0-20), calendar months and days, days of the week, binder spine labels, binder cover pages, happy birthday sign, happy 100th and 120th day of school sign, and so much more.  Don't forget to leave your feedback after you download it.  Feel free to tell your friends!  Don't forget to send me pics of your new out of this world classroom! Now I'm blasting off to my next mission............ but first,
how did you accomplish your first ever TpT massive project?

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