Door Decoration

I have to thank my 2 great moms for creating this door! My students are so hooked on Minecraft, that this is just perfect! Of course, Mom was inspired by a Pinterest post, so credits to that creative person as well. 

How are you decorating for Red Ribbon Week? 

Sign Up Genius

This is an awesome cool tool that you can utilized to get parents to sign-up for any of your class activities.  The best part, yes, you guessed it... it's FREE!  We all love freebies, so you just enter your info and voila!  I used it last year and it worked like a charm.  This saves so much on paper and sending home notices.  Of course, I print and send home to those that I know would benefit from a hard copy.  I just finished creating my fall holiday event as we will end our pumpkin culminating activity with the all time fav... It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

So, what activities are you planning?

Writing Characteristics-LAFS-FREEBIE

Enjoy this FREEBIE that lists all of the characteristics for personal narrative, informative, & opinion (persuasive) writing.  This is great to keep in your teacher binder and/or give out to parents.