Proud Teacher Author

My awesome friend who LOVES to challenge me always has me on my toes.  :)  She shared some pics from her recent students' work from 2 of my products. I'm truly so thankful that she thinks of me and gives me the opportunity to be creative.  I welcome her feedback and learn everyday as I grow. She told me that her students love the graphic organizers and the visuals that help the little ones master the concept(s).  She sent me these pics and after a very stressful day, this was a great little love note to read!  So thank you my friend for being my NUMBERO UNO!!

If you are using my products, I would love to receive your love notes!

My Rosa Parks mini-unit.  You can click here to get it.  Even though Black History Month is over, March is a great time to implement Women's History Month. The work hanging from clips is completed by my little firsties.  The work in the corner pic are kindergarten student examples.  #proudteacher #firstgradestripes 

My Compare & Contrast activities.  Look how great these kindergartens are writing! I can't wait to get them in first!  The corner pic is an example of a foldable in the product. Just click here to go directly to the product.   #proudteacher  #firstgradestripes 

Friendship Floats

Guess what cooooooolllllll science experiment we did to honor Valentine's Day?  First, we celebrated Friendship Day.  We talked all week about the importance of being a good friend and how we can continue to be great friends to each other.  My little light bulb went off and I said, hey why not incorporate science into all of this?  I decided to ask my wonderful and supportive parents to please donate the goodies.  Before I knew it, tah-dah!  I also had help from my partner in crime and great friend, so kudoos to my awesome friend! On Friday, we made Friendship Floats!  My little ones faces were truly priceless!  I also have to thank my 2 great moms who came to help because the clean up was interesting with a room full of children hyper on SuGaR! :)

Donations: vanilla ice cream, Cherry 7-Up, whip cream, twizzlers, cherries, cups, and napkins!

First, scoop vanilla ice cream into the cup and then pour Cherry 7-Up.  This is great to show solid, liquid, and gas.  My students created such great questions about how the gas was contained in the soda bottle and what happens to the gas when it's released.  

Just smoother the float with whip cream and...

add your toppings.  I added cherries, but you can also use sprinkles, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup. chocolate chips, M & Ms, etc... One of my students was drinking the Friendship Float through the Twizzler.  I had to take a picture!  This was hilarious!  

Happy Friendship Day!  Happy Valentine's Day!  How did you celebrate Valentine's Day? 

Point of View

I finally had the chance to create this anchor chart.  :)  This is our weekly skill for the week and I hope it goes well.  It's a really hard skill for my firsties, so I have lots planned.  I'm also going to use my most popular TpT product called Point of View Graphic Organizers with Anchor Chart Poster/Sign.  I made this really cool brochure that I have been lucky to receive excellent feedback on.  I'm so happy!  So how do you teach point of view to your little ones?