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My awesome friend who LOVES to challenge me always has me on my toes.  :)  She shared some pics from her recent students' work from 2 of my products. I'm truly so thankful that she thinks of me and gives me the opportunity to be creative.  I welcome her feedback and learn everyday as I grow. She told me that her students love the graphic organizers and the visuals that help the little ones master the concept(s).  She sent me these pics and after a very stressful day, this was a great little love note to read!  So thank you my friend for being my NUMBERO UNO!!

If you are using my products, I would love to receive your love notes!

My Rosa Parks mini-unit.  You can click here to get it.  Even though Black History Month is over, March is a great time to implement Women's History Month. The work hanging from clips is completed by my little firsties.  The work in the corner pic are kindergarten student examples.  #proudteacher #firstgradestripes 

My Compare & Contrast activities.  Look how great these kindergartens are writing! I can't wait to get them in first!  The corner pic is an example of a foldable in the product. Just click here to go directly to the product.   #proudteacher  #firstgradestripes 

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