Money, Money, Money

Do you think teaching how to count money is challenging!  I believe this is one of the most difficult concepts to teach.  For years, I have been looking for a magnetic set of coins, but I never found one. If I did find one, it was tooooo expensive and my little piggy bank was not having it! :)

I finally found this set from Scholastic, after looking on Scholastic for months.  Even better news is that I bought it with my Scholastic points, so I paid ZERO, ZIP, NADA!  :)  I LOVE BONUS POINTS!  Of course, when it became available, I had already taught this concept, so I saved it for this year.  Today I used it with my lesson and it was sooooo cool. My firsties were like "Wow, how did she do that?"  Then my little scientists figured out that it was magnetic.  :)

It was great to use and easy to move around the board.  The box has magnetic coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) and dollar bills.  I wish it had half a dollar, but it's okay.  Another cool feature is that the coin shows both the front and back of the coin.  Yes, it's magnetic on both sides, so you can flip the coin on the back.  Super cool, huh?


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120th Day Celebration

Yippee!!  We did it!  We celebrated the 120th Day of School! Throughout the year, my firsties learn how to count to 120 by ones and now they know how to skip count to 120! I'm super proud of them! They even told me the other day that they were ready to multiply! :)  Oh boy!

Well first, we dressed up as how we think we would look like when we turn 120 years old!  You know what that means... bring out the rollers, wigs, white hair spray (even though I didn't need white hair spray because I'm all natural), canes, mustaches, and suspenders!  My firsties came to school so cute today!

Of course we did many activities in class today and our favorite was How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Roll lollipop?  I gave each student a 200 chart with the lollipop.  They were so excited!  I have to give credit to First Grade Blue Skies for the idea, she's awesome!

As you can see from the pics below, one student counted all the way to 375! I didn't think it would take so many licks to get to the middle! :) My AP even came in to join us and she was hilarious!  It took her over 230 licks to get to the middle.  She had a ball!  I'm so blessed to have such supportive administrators!

Those famous Tootsie Roll lollipops and my old lady curlers!  I had a twin in the class with me too!  She wore the same curlers!  I also had a cane and I hot glued a piece of toilet paper to the bottom of the cane.  All the little ones were laughing!  I laughed at myself too! :) 

Chart that I should of copied on both sides.  Lesson learned for next year!  Who knew it would take over 200 licks to get to the middle?! :)

Mostly all of my students took about 220-250 licks to get to the middle.  This one student REALLY enjoyed his lollipop! :) 

Inventor's i-Pad Project

Super excited!  I assign my students a monthly book project to complete based on a theme.  I'm starting my theme on inventors and inventions this week, so it would be appropriate to assign a book project fitting this theme.  I was looking and searching all over the place and I just couldn't find something that attracted my attention.  I was thinking and thinking and thinking over a week.  It was haunting me!  I couldn't think of an idea.  The night before I had to assign the project, my brilliant son saw my desperate need and he just simply said "Mom, just have them create an iPad!"  Well, duh... why didn't I think of that?!  I mean we use technology allllll the time, even now.  :)

I stayed up Thursday night until 1AM writing it up.  I woke up at 6AM and I was sooooooo tired. Have you ever had one of those night?  Or many nights?  Of course we have!  Well, I assigned them the project and they are so excited.  I highlighted two inventors for students to choose from the list because I just don't want so many projects on the same inventor.  My students are to check out a nonfiction book relating to their choice.  I also instructed them to use the internet as a resource tool just in case they don't find a book about the inventor.

When my little ones submit their project, they have to present it.  They LOVE this part too!  :)  I plan to use this "i-Pad" as part of my Invention Convention that will take place in late May.  Tomorrow we are reading a Time for Kids magazine based on the coolest inventions of 2014.  I have so many ideas on this unit that I can see fireworks coming out of my little coconut.  :)

So stay tuned for my adventures...

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I just LOVE FREEBIES!  I know you do too, so I'm sharing freebies created by one of my favorite TpT clip art creators, Edu-Clips.  These images are always sooooo cute! :)  Edu-Clips posted Freebie Fridays on the site, click here.  Just simply add it to your cart and enter your info.  You don't have to enter any billing info if you select the freebies.  Of course, Edu-Clips has amazing clip art that you may purchase directly from the site and even of course our favorite... TpT!  

Happy Freebies downloading!  I'm off to think and create....  

Social Media Names

Alrighty then.... I just created all of my social media names!  WOW!  I think I'm a little overwhelmed, but that's okay.  I'm learning and learning means growing! :)  So, here I go... (let's hope I got everything right).  LOL! :) I crack myself up!

Are you following??? Hugs and kisses!

P.S.  Special SHOUT OUT to First Grade Blue Skies and Darleen!  You ladies sure know how to make a rookie feel better!  Love you lots!

Now I just have to create pics for each of these... stay tuned. Any suggestions? 

Dr. Seuss Read Across America Week

What an SeUsStAsTiC week for Read Across America!  We were busy as bees and thinking of all the things that Thing 1 and Thing 2 would think! :)  LOL!  I just made that up! :)

Just like all of us, we enjoyed so many wonderful Seuss activities and explorations! We made silly hats, read Dr. Seuss books, held collaborative conversations, pretended we were Thing 1 and Thing 2, and we had yummy treats!  I have to thank my wonderful Mom Baker, she is soooo awesome and creative!

For Green Ham and Eggs Day, which students and teachers were able to wear their fav green shirt, we wrote how to eat green eggs and ham.  I challenged my students to be creative and add toppings to their green eggs and ham.  We made a web of ideas of toppings, like syrup, ice cream, chocolate syrup, Nutella (my fav), and sprinkles to name a few. While they were working, you name it, we "ate" green eggs and ham that my wonderful mom created for us!

These are Krispy Kreme doughnuts filled with a marshmallow in the middle and topped with green icing.  

Of course, we created the Cat in the Hat. I got the template from my awesome friend and great inspiration First Grade Blue Skies.  She has the template as a FREEBIE!  Thanks Jen for sharing and being so creative! 
I just added the hands and the green paper, while I LOVE!  

Here is a pack of neon WIDE RULED LINED PAPER!  I LOVE these!  I used to use these papers when I was in school.  I found them in Staples back in September and I bought a few packs.  I use them all the time in class with my firsties and they love writing on these color papers!  They act like the "teacher."  Hilarious!  I just LOVE their faces! 

Of course we ended the week with these home baked red velvet cupcakes.  Did I just say red velvet cupcakes?  :)  Yummy, yummy! 

Tah-Dah!  Grand display! :)  Easy way to infuse Dr. Seuss with our weekly writing skill.  And to think, I thought of this writing prompt at the last minute?!  :)  

CeLeBrAtE! It's a Sale!

Ready, set, CeLeBrAtE!  It's my birthday, YIIIPPEEEE!!  So you know this means a sale until 3/13/15!  Happy Shopping!  Don't forget to follow!

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