120th Day Celebration

Yippee!!  We did it!  We celebrated the 120th Day of School! Throughout the year, my firsties learn how to count to 120 by ones and now they know how to skip count to 120! I'm super proud of them! They even told me the other day that they were ready to multiply! :)  Oh boy!

Well first, we dressed up as how we think we would look like when we turn 120 years old!  You know what that means... bring out the rollers, wigs, white hair spray (even though I didn't need white hair spray because I'm all natural), canes, mustaches, and suspenders!  My firsties came to school so cute today!

Of course we did many activities in class today and our favorite was How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Roll lollipop?  I gave each student a 200 chart with the lollipop.  They were so excited!  I have to give credit to First Grade Blue Skies for the idea, she's awesome!

As you can see from the pics below, one student counted all the way to 375! I didn't think it would take so many licks to get to the middle! :) My AP even came in to join us and she was hilarious!  It took her over 230 licks to get to the middle.  She had a ball!  I'm so blessed to have such supportive administrators!

Those famous Tootsie Roll lollipops and my old lady curlers!  I had a twin in the class with me too!  She wore the same curlers!  I also had a cane and I hot glued a piece of toilet paper to the bottom of the cane.  All the little ones were laughing!  I laughed at myself too! :) 

Chart that I should of copied on both sides.  Lesson learned for next year!  Who knew it would take over 200 licks to get to the middle?! :)

Mostly all of my students took about 220-250 licks to get to the middle.  This one student REALLY enjoyed his lollipop! :) 

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