Dr. Seuss Read Across America Week

What an SeUsStAsTiC week for Read Across America!  We were busy as bees and thinking of all the things that Thing 1 and Thing 2 would think! :)  LOL!  I just made that up! :)

Just like all of us, we enjoyed so many wonderful Seuss activities and explorations! We made silly hats, read Dr. Seuss books, held collaborative conversations, pretended we were Thing 1 and Thing 2, and we had yummy treats!  I have to thank my wonderful Mom Baker, she is soooo awesome and creative!

For Green Ham and Eggs Day, which students and teachers were able to wear their fav green shirt, we wrote how to eat green eggs and ham.  I challenged my students to be creative and add toppings to their green eggs and ham.  We made a web of ideas of toppings, like syrup, ice cream, chocolate syrup, Nutella (my fav), and sprinkles to name a few. While they were working, you name it, we "ate" green eggs and ham that my wonderful mom created for us!

These are Krispy Kreme doughnuts filled with a marshmallow in the middle and topped with green icing.  

Of course, we created the Cat in the Hat. I got the template from my awesome friend and great inspiration First Grade Blue Skies.  She has the template as a FREEBIE!  Thanks Jen for sharing and being so creative! 
I just added the hands and the green paper, while I LOVE!  

Here is a pack of neon WIDE RULED LINED PAPER!  I LOVE these!  I used to use these papers when I was in school.  I found them in Staples back in September and I bought a few packs.  I use them all the time in class with my firsties and they love writing on these color papers!  They act like the "teacher."  Hilarious!  I just LOVE their faces! 

Of course we ended the week with these home baked red velvet cupcakes.  Did I just say red velvet cupcakes?  :)  Yummy, yummy! 

Tah-Dah!  Grand display! :)  Easy way to infuse Dr. Seuss with our weekly writing skill.  And to think, I thought of this writing prompt at the last minute?!  :)  


  1. Thank you, Elizabeth, for putting an entire plan together for Dr. Seuss week! I know it was here, but did not have time to create projects or lessons. This one is especially awesome because it integrates writing and literacy, which require the most creativity and early planning. Beautiful!!!