Money, Money, Money

Do you think teaching how to count money is challenging!  I believe this is one of the most difficult concepts to teach.  For years, I have been looking for a magnetic set of coins, but I never found one. If I did find one, it was tooooo expensive and my little piggy bank was not having it! :)

I finally found this set from Scholastic, after looking on Scholastic for months.  Even better news is that I bought it with my Scholastic points, so I paid ZERO, ZIP, NADA!  :)  I LOVE BONUS POINTS!  Of course, when it became available, I had already taught this concept, so I saved it for this year.  Today I used it with my lesson and it was sooooo cool. My firsties were like "Wow, how did she do that?"  Then my little scientists figured out that it was magnetic.  :)

It was great to use and easy to move around the board.  The box has magnetic coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) and dollar bills.  I wish it had half a dollar, but it's okay.  Another cool feature is that the coin shows both the front and back of the coin.  Yes, it's magnetic on both sides, so you can flip the coin on the back.  Super cool, huh?

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