Earth Day

It has been a very GREEN 2 weeks in my classroom!  We LOVED every minute!  I didn't get a chance to create my own Earth Day product, but I was so HaPpY to be able to use some awesome products from fab TpTers!  :)  I just LOVE collaboration!  Okay, back to the topic...

My firsties were so excited when I told them about all the goodies that we were going to make and that we were going to become Earth Day Superheroes!  I can still hear the cheers! :)

So here it goes....

Here are the books I used throughout the weeks.  I am thankful to one of my awesome moms who bought me the book titled On Earth! That book is super cool because you have to turn the book like the Earth spins on its axis.  Can you picture my firsties faces?  Talk about excitement!

We LOVE Brainpop Jr.!  This site didn't have a movie on Earth Day itself, instead we learned facts about the Earth, which was pretty cool!  And this is my first year with a Promethean and I can't imagine not having one!  I LOVE technology! 

Here is a SuPeR cool file from my awesome friend from First Grade Blue Skies.  I purchased this from her TpT store, click here, and I just displayed the info oh yes, you guessed it, on my Promethean! This was after I read the book Our Earth.  We talked about the different aspects of the Earth and took notes on the importance of blue skies, green forests, the ocean, and animals.  I was super impressed with the responses and their vocabulary blew me away! :) #proudteacher

After we took these notes, we put our knowledge to work!  Students had to write responses to these short prompts so they could begin to make their book titled Because of our Earth.  This is one part of the Earth Day Superhero you will see below.  This file is from Buzzing About Second Grade.  I LOVE this file!

Tah-Dah!  The finished product! One of my other FAB Mommies cut out all the goodies for me!  Boy, was I THANKFUL!  As the students worked on their writing at their desks, I called one group at a time to meet me at my kidney table where I had everything set up. 

Then, we created Earth Day headbands, click here to visit the store of Danielle Mastandrea, to get them FREE!  Super cute! 

One side of the hat was the I heart Earth picture and then I instructed students to write how they would reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I read the story Fancy Nancy Everyday is Earth Day.  I forgot to take a pic of this cute book.  I love the story because it has easy rhymes to remember how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I highly encourage you to buy this book.  

I was thinking of a creative prompt for days.  All of a sudden while I'm showering, boom, it hit me! This is when I do my best thinking, :) So I decided to have the students write How to Build Earth. First, I read a nonfiction book I found about Earth on  Have you heard about this site? A colleague shared it with us and it's so cool! You can register for FREE and have access to tons and tons of online books.  I was trying to find a book that was also an Accelerated Reader (AR) book, but I couldn't find one.  I did find great nonfictional books about Earth, so this is how we learned about the various aspects of our planet.

After our web, we did a shared writing.  I typed the students' responses and prompted them to develop a 10 sentence paragraph!  Could you believe that my firsties are writing so awesomely fantastically cool?  Again, #superproudteacher! After I typed their responses, I color coded the sentences and highlighted the transitional words they needed to implement.  Afterwards, I instructed students to write about how they would build their Earth.  The following requirements must have been included in their writing: title, question as the introduction, the highlighted transitional words, and a question as their closing.  The writing was up to them and how they would build their Earth.  Look below to see their responses!  I just had to laugh and laugh and laugh... Super Cute! 

And yes, I have on my To Do list to make this prompt into something cutie cutie for TpT!  I will post it for FREE.  I will work on it over the summer, so it's ready for next year!  Better late than never! :)

And now for my other FAVORITE part!  This is the first time I do an Agamograph!  I didn't even know what that meant until I researched it.  :)  It's basically two images in one.  Well, I entered this great giveaway by the awesome and beautiful Art with Jenny K and guess what?  I won, I won, I won the product!  I was so SuPeR excited!  I was jumping with joy and doing cartwheels! :)  Check out her TpT store by clicking here! She is so awesome!  I think I said that already, but she deserves this recognition!

She has many cool art products.  I love this file for many reasons. One particular reason is that she even included a Youtube video on how to do this creative product.  This was perfect for my lesson because I put it on the Promethean and stopped it step-by-step so my firsties could accomplish their artwork!

First step is to color each section.  There is a color code key, so this is easy to follow!  

After, you have to cut and paste the two pages.  

Then, crease and fold like a fan.  

Tah-Dah!  Can you see the two images?  One image is the Earth and the other image are the three arrows for reducing, reusing, and recycling.  

Her file also includes a short writing prompt.  I had the students do the writing prompt first on day one after I read the book Earth Cycles.  

It took us the whole week, but we did it!  We did it!  This is only some of the artwork pieces, the others I have them hanging from the ceiling with clothespins.  I hung these after school yesterday, so I can imagine my firsties faces when they walk in Monday morning!  :) 

Please note all of the hard work by these great TpTers.  I provided a link to each of their products so you may easily access their files.  I award credit to these awesome ladies and truly and highly recognize their hard work!  Thank you First Grade Blue Skies, Buzzing About Second Grade, Danielle Mastandrea, and Art with Jenny K for your dedication and creativity!  Keep up the good work! Thank you for sharing! 

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