So Flo Blogger Summer Groove

Can we a get a whoop-whoop?!  :) We did it!  We did it!  Elizabeth from First Grade Stripes, Janine from Faithful in First, and Christy from Your Thrifty Co-Teacher hosted the FIRST ever South Florida Blogger Meet-Up!  Could you believe it?  What a treasure to meet some FAB new friends!

Just a little lunch date with beautiful ladies that have led to new friendships!  We love to make new friends and just share, share, share!  We needed this time to share funny stories and ask each other questions, you know, collaborate! That's what teachers do best! :)

So, the question is.... How do you organize a meet-up?  My previous post highlights some key notes. The main point is ORGANIZATION! Honestly, I have never organized one or attended one; I have read about many fab meet-ups and all the goodies and always wondered in amazement.  I just answered a FB post that Janine from Faithful in First (first beautiful lady on the left) posted and then we just took off.  We were both very scared because we weren't sure how we were going to get donations.  But Janine was so determined and a go-getter that she made it happen! Thumbs-up for Janine!  We continued to chat online and developed our friendship from there.  I was super excited to meet her in person and sure enough, she is super sweet!  Did I mention that she is super smart too? Yes, she is! Funny thing is that we teach so close to each other, what a small world! I'm glad to say that we gained a new friendship and I'm looking forward to organizing our next meet-up!  Check out her TpT store.

Another great amazing teacher is Jennifer (second from the right) from Buzzin Bees of Learning. Thank you love for our new friendship and donating some goodies.  She is such an awesome and dedicated teacher! I know her students shine because she is the bright yellow sun in her classroom! Her favorite color is yellow, so she is queen bee! :) She also has many amazing goodies on her TpT store.

I also had the great pleasure to meet my other partner in crime Cristy from Your Thrifty Co-Teacher, who is such the most adorable and sweetest person!  I have to thank her from the bottom of my little red heart because she helped us get some goodies and managed to squeeze our little gathering between her hectic mom schedule.  She wears her Mommy hat very well!  She had to leave early and my little coconut forgot to take a group pic with her!  I felt so bad and apologized.  As beautiful as she is, she laughed and I told her that I was going to stalk her until she sent me her selfie.  :)  Well, she sent it!  LOL! Did I mention that she is super creative?  Indeed, indeed! Check out her cute little goodies on her TpT store.  You will love it!

I also had the great and sweet pleasure to meet Bridget (pictured below second from the left) from Little Lovely Leaders.  I found out that we have lots in common, like organization!  She donated these cute notepads that are my favorite!  I can never have enough notepads. :)  She drove a few hours to meet us and even her husband waited patiently while we ate and talked.  Of course I had to ask her about her planners and she was so awesome to explain her super organized all-in-one planner. Check it out on her TpT store.  I already put it on my wish list and plan to get it soon.  Stay tuned for that post to show you how my little coconut works! LOL!

And that's me all the way on the right with my new teacher swag. Do you recognize those bags? Hmmmmmmmm, stay tuned for the big reveal next week.

Here we all are in sunny So Flo just doing our thing!  I love my new friends with Christena, Iris, Bridget, Ali, Jessica, Bridget, Janine, Keila, and Cristy.  Some of our new friends are hopefully going to start blogging and we greatly hope that they will because they have so many fabulous ideas and creativity! We were able to award one future blogger a gift certificate to her very own blog design by L. Paull Designs!  Stay tuned, because this future blogger has some ideas! Everyone walked with away with a winning gift certificate to various TpT stores!  Did we say EVERYONE, YES, EVERYONE won a little extra treat!

And we had to take a pic with our photographer!  Yup, could you believe he made it through the entire lunch with a group of ladies!  What a trooper!  

Now, don't you wish you were here with us?  Stay tuned because we will have another gathering and you won't want to miss it!

    ***************************BIG NEWS**************************

First Grade Stripes, Faithful in First, and Your Thrifty Co-Teacher will hold a GIVEAWAY next Sunday! Yup, you got it!  We are going to be giving away 3 goody bags with a gift certificate to our TpT stores to 3 lucky followers.  We will also give a huge shout-out to all of our remarkable sponsors!  We could not have done it without them! Make sure to visit our blogs next Sunday for all the details!


  1. It was an amazing day! I am so happy to have met all of you and be part of the first meet-up for South Florida Bloggers. I can wait to see what this group will grow into. I know the future will be fabulous!
    You guys are awesome! Not only did you GIVEAWAY fantastic prizes, you have MORE to giveaway! Love it!
    Thank You!

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