South FL Blogger Meet-Up

Yup, it's the FIRST EVER South Florida Blogger Meet-Up!  It takes place on Saturday, May 30th @ 12:30PM at the Yardhouse in the Grove!

I'm teaming up with some awesome new friends from Faithful in First and Your Thrifty Co-Teacher to host this awesome new sizzling event!  We have some great goody bags and lots of great prizes!

We are SuPeR ExCiTeD to be able to host this event!  Honestly, we are all with the first time jitters, but that's okay, this is a great learning experience.  Most importantly, we are going to be making some new fab friends!

Please join us!  Whether you are a blogger or a blogging addict, please join us!  This is going to be a great time to meet new friends and expand our knowledge, power, and partnership! Please just shoot me an email with your RSVP.

If you are thinking about hosting a blogger meet up, well get ready! It's like planning a party!

1. I suggest you find at least one friend.  I answered a FB post that Janine from Faithful in First posted and then her and I just took off together.

2. Come up with a theme.

3. Stay organized!  I created google docs that I'm sharing with my two new friends, so we can stay organized.  We made a list of the people that RSVP with all of their contact info.

4.  Get sponsors!  Honestly, this is the part that I really don't like too much since I don't like to bother others.  You can create a cute image asking for sponsorship.  Use FB Messenger to get in contact with the awesome fab teachers that we all love to follow.  My phone was constantly ringing with responses after I contacted several fantastic bloggers.  I felt like I won the lotto! :)

5.  Make a list of those sponsors, their info, and item(s) that will be donated.  Offer them a Thank You card and a sponsorship letter. After all, you have to be ever so grateful for their help!  I created a shared Google document and I emailed it to the sponsors so they can type their contribution.  This is a great organizational tool so you know who is donating what.

6. Stay organized!  Did I say that already?!  Yes, I did!  I have a journal with all of my notes.

So far, this is where I am.  I will post all the info after our meet-up!  We are so, so, so, so, so excited! A little overwhelmed, but excited!

So how about it?!


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  1. It was super nice to meet everyone at the first South Florida Meet-up! I had an amazing time and loved hearing all the stories. I look forward to more meet-ups. :)

    Thank you!