Weekend Warriors: 3-2-1 Teacher Bio

It's Saturday and it's raining.  So what should I do?  Join a linky PaRtY!  Yippeee, I joined Always Kindergarten with a little fun linky PaRtY!

So here's a little bit more about MEEEEEE!! :)  The TEACHER ME and the ME ME! :) 

The Teacher Me: 
1. I love to be silly.  Just silly!  I love to dress up with my firsties and LOVE to see their reactions! Of course, I have my "Teacher Game" since day 1, but then little by little, the silliness just happens! I can't help myself.  One of my students this year wrote an All About my Teacher as one of my fab end-of-the-year gifts.  And you know what he wrote?  He said that he LOVED my silly faces and voices and that's how he's remembering his first grade teacher.  He knows me so well!  What can I say? 

2. I have to PLAN, PLAN, & PLAN.  I write everything down in my planner and in my journal.  This year, I decided to do something new and I bought a different planner from Little Lovely Leaders. Bridget, from Little Lovely Leaders is so nice!  I was fortunate enough to meet her in real life :) when she attended the first ever South Florida blogger meet-up that I hosted with Faithful in First and Your Thirty Co-Teacher.  I still have to put the binder together.  No worries, it's on my To Do List and I will blog about it.  I promise! :)

3. I LOVE to collaborate, share, and learn from my fab colleagues. That was one of the reasons I started this blog, because I LOVE to HELP!  I value our field of education sooooo much and I look forward to learn from my colleageus.  I love to hear and learn about new ideas and I just love to lend a hand.  I don't look for recognition, I just like to help and see the success of others. That makes me happy! 

The ME, ME!

Yup, you guessed it... I'm bubbly and silly. I have so much energy that I love to spend it being bubbly and silly.  It's just meeeeeeeeee!  I thank our mighty God for His strength in my me, so His strength is my faith and comfort to make this little world of ours a better place.  So why not make it better by being happy, excited, thrilled, and full of laughter!  And when I start laughing, there is no stopping me!  I tell myself jokes, yes, I talk to myself.  Not in a loony way, but in a fun way to make my day even better and more interesting!  I crack myself up all the time.

Even more important, I'm a Momma and Wifey! I'm so SuPeR PrOuD of my babes (20 & 16 years old).  They will be my Forever Babies, no matter what age.  They make my day so much better and interesting.  We laugh all the time together!  And, my hubby!  Can he make me laugh?!  He's my Forever Hero!  I thank God everyday for granting me the honor to be a Momma to my two dynamic individuals and a Wifey to my ever-supportive smart man! They support me to infinity and beyond and I just simply LOVE them!!!!!!

Ron Clark Academy (RCA) & TpT Vegas 2016
Mr. Clark is the bomb dot com!  What a true inspirational teaching hero!  And of course, TpT Vegas! Wowza!  I wish I could go this summer, but Momma duties, so I will have to go next year.  I have put this in prayer and I know that I will be able to go when He thinks it's the right time.  I greatly hope it's next summer.  I would love to meet all of these fab teachers and collaborate!  I want to learn soooooo much!  I can't wait!

So, watcha think?  Link up with us by clicking here.  Thanks for reading my post.  Make sure to come back for more slliness!

Happy Weekend!


Tell all Tuesday: Teacher Bucket List

It's Tuesday!  Yippeee!  That means it's time for our weekly Linky Party with My Day in K and Teach, Talk, Inspire!

Summer is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time to reflect on the previous school year.  It also gives teachers time to daydream and think to the future.  In honor of summer and the time off we're giving ourselves from our teacher reality, we want to know your dreams for your teaching career.  For this Tell All Tuesday, we'd love for you to share your "Teacher Bucket List." What hopes and dreams do you have for your teaching career?  Do you want to go back to school to become a reading specialist?  One day become principal of your school?  Or something else in the realm of teaching? Dream big and don't hold back!  Share your Teacher Bucket List with us today!

So now you are probably wondering what's on my Teacher Bucket List.  Tah-Dah!

I would like to accomplish these goals in a year.  I would like to be able to accomplish these goals, at least 3 out of 4, by next summer. Yikes!  Do you think I can do it?!  YES, I CAN!  I'm determined! I'm a lean mean teaching machine!  LOL!

Numbero 1: TpT Vegas 2016
I'm so super excited for all those teachers going to Vegas this summer!  I know they are going to have the time of their lives!  It's always a great feeling to attend a PD and come back like the Energizer Bunny!  As some of us, my Mommy duties are a priority, so I'm not going to be able to attend this summer.  But, that doesn't stop me from dreaming about next year!  I spoke to my awesome and most adorable friend and she's with me!  We have come up with an action plan together and we are going to both go next summer! We can't wait!

Numbero 2: Ron Clark Academy (RCA)
Another great opportunity to grow your professionalism!  Mr. Clark is the bomb dot com!  What a true inspirational teaching hero!  I have noticed on social medias the great collaborations and partnerships he shares with others and I value that so much!  I have another special friend that is also aiming to go and I hope to join forces with her as well!  Do you notice something about this post... "friends," what a great word!

Numbero 3: Attend iteach1st SDE 
Opportunity #3 for another way to learn, collaborate, and just simply network.  I think the best teachers are the ones who love to share. So, here is another fab place!  I'm not sure if this will take place the same time as TpT Vegas 2016, but if it is... then I have to be there!

Numbero 4: Develop blog of Gifted Resources
As a teacher of gifted students, I find myself searching and developing my own materials to help my students think outside-the-box.  I love the challenge and I get super excited when my firsties encompass themselves in their own learning!  Great teachable moments!  Therefore, I would like to develop some type of blog where teachers of the gifted, parents of a gifted child(ren), and gifted students can find resources.

Are you a teacher of the gifted?  What do you think?  What resources (online and printables) are you looking for?

Well Ladies and Gents, here it is! :)  My Bucket List!

While I was in a brainstorming meeting a few weeks ago with my colleagues and administration, my principal had us write a Letter to my Future Self.  He learned this great little strategy when he attended a meeting a few days prior to our meeting.  He gave us pretty teacher paper and told us to write a letter to ourselves indicating our professional and/or personal goals that we would like to achieve in six months.  He also gave us an envelope so we can address it to ourselves.  After I wrote my letter, I gave it to him and he is going to mail it to us in six months.  At that time, I will evaluate the letter to see if I achieved my goal(s).

Sooooooo, this led me to think.... to develop a FREEBIE!  Whoop-Whoop!  It's posted on my TpT and TN stores.  I hope you can use it as well.  Just write about your goals (professional and/or personal) and save it somewhere handy.  I hope you are not like me and forget where you placed it, so I would write a note to myself in my handy dandy notebook.  Go back in six months and see if you did accomplish your goal(s).  You can also set your goals for a year, or whatever time frame you would like.

I think this will also be a great little intro to back-to-school with your students.  The possibilities are endless, so enjoy it friends.

Link up with us and tell us about your Bucket List.  Thanks for sharing!  Happy Week! :)


Tell all Tuesday: Summer Snapshot

It's that time of the week for Tell all Tuesday with My Day in K and Teach, Talk, Inspire!  Whoop-Whoop!  Our topic for this week is Summer Snapshot!

I have many wonderful summer memories to share, but I would like to dedicate this post to my parents!  So here is to Mami and Papi who are in Heaven and one day I will see them again! :)  I miss you both dearly.

My parents would take us every summer to stay in a nice fancy hotel right off the beach in Miami Beach. This was a big deal for us because my siblings and I would save our little pennies in our piggy banks all year long.  We would also have this count down calendar and yes, the teacher in me took over! :)

My parents would make this big deal and buy us expensive clothes, shoes, toys, and stayed in expensive hotels.  They would order room service and let us little ones answer the door.  We were allowed to stay up alllll night, watch tv, eat lots of junk food, and play lots and lots of games.  I remember one time when my mom got so sun burned that we place cheese slices on her shoulders and they melted! We were cracking up with laughter. We would say that "Mami was the toaster!" For this brief weekend, the world didn't matter.  It was just us!

I don't have a picture of our summers because we lost many memories during Hurricane Andrew. However, the memories in my heart can't be taken away and are forever engraved!  So here is a beautiful picture my daughter took as my husband and I create new summer and all-year round memories with my little ones!

To Mami and Papi, thank you for showing me how to fight and take on the world!  

So there you have it folks, my Summer Snapshot.  Now, think about a favorite summer memory current or new and post a picture or two about it.  It could be a favorite summer trip, activity, or spot that you enjoy.  We can't wait to see and read all about your summer adventures.

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This week is: Two Truths and a Lie: Summer Snapshot!
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I can't wait to read your posts!  Happy, happy summer!

So Flo Summer Groove Giveaway Winners

Fun, Fun, Fun! I had the great pleasure to co-host our FIRST ever South Florida blogger meet-up with Faithful in First and Your Thrifty Co-Teacher.  We had lots of fun and you can find all the highlights here.

But we couldn't stop celebrating, so we decided to post a giveaway last week.  Thank you to all who entered our #soflobloggerssummergroove giveaway!
We hope you had lots of fun!

The 3 lucky winners won some fab teacher swag and one free item of choice valued at $10.00 or less from one of our TpT stores.

The winners are........

Please check your email and respond by Wednesday, 6/17/15.

Challenge :)

Yippee!  I'm super ExCiTeD to be able to join a fab group of dynamic teachers as we help change the world!  Whoop-Whoop!

I have entered a great challenge to help increase my teaching community!  What a great idea from Third in Hollywood, Sparkling in Second, Peppy Zesty Teacherista, and Teach, Create, Motivate.

The purpose of this group to help each other spruce up our followers on the many and various social medias.  I view teaching as a profession of dedication, commitment, and sharing.  Even though we all are striving for followers on TpT, IG, FB, etc..., I just truly LOVE the collaboration that we all share with each other to help one another! Don't you think so?

Each week, these fab ladies have outlined a mission for us to complete.  I can't wait to get started, which means tomorrow!  :)  I look forward to meeting my weekly goals, learn from each other, support other fab teachers, and just collaborate! :)

Would you like to join?  Well, just click on one of the blogs above for all the details.  Let's do it!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!  EPA, (it's like Whoop-Whoop but in Spanish)! :)

Tell All Tuesday: Two Truths and a Lie Reveal

Thanks to Day in K and Teach, Talk, Inspire for this cute linky party.  Today is our Two Truths and a Lie Reveal.  

I LOVE to be happy ALLLLL the time!  I’m super bubbly and get excited over the silliest things!  I make myself laugh all the time, just because!  

1. I'm definitely a night person.  I know it's hard to believe as being a teacher is a day job.  Don't get me wrong, I am exhausted by the time I come home, but somehow I refuel myself and keep on chuckin'.  

2. So, I do not like scary movies!  I’m the biggest chicken when it comes to watching scary movies! I have never been able to watch any kind of scary movie!  I can't even hear that scary movie song playing in the background.  

My husband and children tease me because they like to watch those Halloween and Jason movies.  So I tease them back and make them stay up with me all night.  I even have a night light on somewhere close.  I know, it's silly, but it's me! :) 

3. I'm soooo OCD!  I need to have everything in order all the time. I write everything down and need to place everything in order before I go to sleep. Before I leave my classroom, I leave everything ready for the next day. My planners are my life!  I just bought a new one from Little Lovely Leaders and I can't wait to put it together. That's next week's goal, so stay tuned for that post.  

So there you have it, for those of you that guessed #2 as my fib, tah-dah, you are correctooo!! 

Stay tuned for next week's topic. The party has only started. :)  

Have a great weekend! 

Tell All Tuesday Linky Party

Yippeee!!!  I'm so happy and honored to be joining my first every linky PaRtY with Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire!  We have a great line up every Tuesday throughout the summer!  Can you feel the excitement?!
Our first topic is titled, Two Truths and a Lie: All About Me! With summer approaching, now is a perfect time to get to know each other!  There are so many new bloggers on the scene and we want a way to get to know each other.  Why not put a little spin on it?! Let's get to know each other by playing "Two Truths and a Lie!"

1. I'm a night person!  I can save the world at 2am and run a marathon.  Of course, with my awesome profession, I do get up early and I get to work usually 30-45 minutes before my scheduled time.  I do my best thinking at night, usually right before I go to bed!  :)

2. I love to watch scary movies!  My favorites include movies from Steven Spielberg, "Friday the 13th" movies, and the Freddy Kreuger movies.  Oh yes, I can't forget those "Halloween" movies that I watch every year with my family! :)

3. I'm super OCD and love to be organized! :)  My little coconut doesn't work if things are out of order or misplaced and I need to have routine.  So of course, this means that I love to plan ahead of time and write everything down!  Of course, I have my little color coded pens and I just bought my new A Teacher's Life Planner from Little Lovely Leaders that I can't wait to get my hands on it.

So now friends, let's play!  Hmmmmm, how well do you know me?! Comment below indicating which ones are my truths and which one is my lie.  I hope I have your wheels turnin'!  :) And while you are at it, please share a little a blurb about yourself, a truth of course.  I can't wait to get to know you better!

Come back in 3 days to know which one is my "lie."

Thank you for following! :)

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So Flo Blogger Meet-Up Reveal and GiVeAwAy

WOWZA, WOWZA!  I'm so super excited to have been able to co-host the FIRST ever South Florida Blogger Meet-Up that took place a week ago!  I was really nervous and yet I still can't believe that I was able to be a part of such an event with some FAB ladies!  I couldn't have done it without the help, support, and guidance from Janine from Faithful in First and Cristy from Your Thrifty Co-Teacher! These ladies are so super sweet and generous!  What a trio, I think I will call us "The Three Amigas!"  :)

First, we decided to have lunch.  The weather was perfect, traffic was great, and well, it was just a happy day!  Now, keep in mind, I was going to meet these beautiful ladies that I only met online.  My children made fun of me and said "Mom, remember Stranger Danger!" Janine, Cristy, and I collaborated for weeks via social media and through text with constant updates and squeezing this great event during our last few weeks of the school year.  Yes, that hectic schedule and our meet-up was at the same time.  Talk about multi-tasking, but we did it!

I really can't thank enough Janine and Cristy!  I don't want to sound redundant, but they really are some unique individuals.  We got there early so we can meet up and talk.  Boy, did we talk!  This was a great little moment that "The Three Amigas" shared as we discussed our blogging life, teacher life, and of course mommy and wife life.  I admire their true dedication for the education profession and love their admiration as loving wives and devoted mothers! Shout-out to Janine and Cristy!  Love you gals!

The purpose of our meet-up was of course to meet new friends and provide support.  Additionally, we wanted to provide this opportunity for some local teachers to get together and relax.  We read all about these the bomb dot com meet-ups, but many of them are so far away; subsequently, that was one of the main reasons for our local gathering. Some of us have started blogging and some of us are going to start and have become inspired to blog.  Many people asked if they could attend even though they weren't bloggers.  Of course, the answer is yes!  Personally speaking, I love to help and guide others.  When I see others succeed, I get super happy to see their accomplishment(s).  And I'm happy to say that all of my new friends are going into the blogging world!  Yippeeeeeeee!!

At this time, I would like to thank our sponsors!  We couldn't have done all this without their support! This post is dedicated to all of them!  Check out the details!

This was the before our meet-up- printing, cutting, and finalizing the last few goodies!
Here we are some new friends with our #soflobloggerssummergroove image!  :)  Of course, we had to include the shades, it's So Flo after all! 

From the left side- Iris, Bridget from Little Lovely Leaders, Keila, Ali, and Elizabeth (me).  
From the right side- Jessica, Jennifer from Buzzin Bees of Learning, Ashley, Christena from Christena's Primary Passionand Janine from Faithful in First.  

Love to be silly!

Got to have close-ups! 

Proud to be a So Flo teacher! 

We had the chance to write a little love note to a new friend.  We wrote the note on a beach ball.  
That little box with the sun contained some other great goodies.  Continue reading.....

And here we are with our THANK YOU SPONSORS sign!  

Kindergarten Smorgasboard donated the awesomely cool swag bags, pens, and lanyards, Class Dojo and More Time to Teach donated the cute little Class Dojo bags, Go Noodle donated super cute stickers, Little Lovely Leaders donated the very cool and organized notepads, Janine's Jamberry Nails donated adorable nail art because you know we need our nails to be swagging too :), Sheila Jane Teaching donated inspirational messages, and Soy Candles donated sweet smelling candles.   

Gift Certificates from our awesome friends who LOVE to support us!  Yup, EVERYONE of our new friends walked away with an extra goody!  So, we each received a Kindergarten Smorgasboard
Swag bag filled with goodies and extra gift certificates.  
Happy Shopping Friends! :) 

Pictured below from the left is Iris (future blogger), Bridget from Little Lovely Leaders who donated the very cool and organized notepads!  She's super sweet and so creative!  We have lots in common.  I even bought her NEW Teacher's Life Planner, click here to visit her store.  Stay tuned for that post! Next to Bridget is Keila (future blogger), Ali (future blogger), and me.  

Pictured below from the left is my awesome co-host Janine from Faithful in First, Christena from Christena's Primary Passion, Ashley, Jennifer from Buzzin Bees of Learning who donated a gift bag filled with Scentos and other stationary goodies, and she also donated a gift certificate to TpT, and Jessica who won a gift certificate to her own blog design by L. Paull Designs.  

Here is Cristy from Your Thrifty Co-Teacher.  She had to leave early for some Mommy duties.  My little coconut forget to take a group pic with her and I felt sooooooo bad!  I told her to send a selfie and to please forgive me!  She's so sweet!  

Showing off our new Teacher Swag!  You go girls! 

And yes, that awesome man was our photographer!  He was such a trooper.  He was with us for the entire lunch and helped take all the pics.  Thank you to Jessica for bringing him!  

Here is a little Thank You card I made for all of us.  We put these inside the goody bags! 

I had to give a little something to my awesome partners, Janine and Cristy!  I'm so thankful for their dedication and help that I bought each of them a simple little notepad with a magnetic picture frame.  I printed a little Thank You Friend love note and just placed it inside a cute gift bag with tissue paper.  

And now for the GIVEAWAY!  YIPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!  First Grade Stripes, Faithful in First and Your Thrifty Co-Teacher are giving away 3 goody bags filled with these goodies to 3 lucky winners. We are also giving away 3 different gift certificates.    

 Just enter the rafflecopter by following our blogs and Instagrams.  
Contest ends on 6/14/15 at midnight (eastern time).  
Winners will be announced on 6/15/15.
Good-luck! And please join us next time, this is only the beginning.... :) 

Goodies include Kindergarten Smorgasboard bag, pen, and lanyard, Class Dojo bag, 
Go Noodle stickers, Janine's Jamberry NailsSheila Jane Teaching inspirational messages, Soy Candles, sunglasses, and a beach ball.  These will help start your summer! :) 

And to help start off your school year- Winner 1 will receive a gift certificate to ONE FREE product valued up to $10.00 from First Grade Stripes TpT Store; Winner 2 will receive ONE FREE product valued up to $10.00 from Faithful in First TpT Store, and Winner 3 will receive ONE FREE product valued up to $10.00 from Your Thrifty Co-Teacher TpT Store.  
Each winner may select their ONE FREE product of choice.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's a Wrap End-of-the-Year Work smarter, not harder!"

What a hectic week!  You know, packing, packing, and more packing. Oh yes, and let's not forget all of those deadlines that we had to meet!

I'm so truly thankful for my awesome hubby and son who came to my rescue!  They packed up my classroom in about 3 hours!  They are my Forever Superheroes!  :)

In an effort to save time next year, my husband, my son, and I cleaned all of the bookshelves and all the books!  Yes, one by one! But here is the smart thing, I won't have to dust again when I return! Why?  Well, my husband bought this Saran Wrap plastic thingy that I don't officially know the name of. After dusting everything, he just wrapped up the shelves and my containers with the wrap. When I return to work in the fall, all I have to do is cut the wrap and place the furniture where it belongs! I'm going to be saving tons of time!  What a smart man!  That's one reason why I married him! <3

"Work smarter, not harder!"