Tell all Tuesday: Teacher Bucket List

It's Tuesday!  Yippeee!  That means it's time for our weekly Linky Party with My Day in K and Teach, Talk, Inspire!

Summer is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time to reflect on the previous school year.  It also gives teachers time to daydream and think to the future.  In honor of summer and the time off we're giving ourselves from our teacher reality, we want to know your dreams for your teaching career.  For this Tell All Tuesday, we'd love for you to share your "Teacher Bucket List." What hopes and dreams do you have for your teaching career?  Do you want to go back to school to become a reading specialist?  One day become principal of your school?  Or something else in the realm of teaching? Dream big and don't hold back!  Share your Teacher Bucket List with us today!

So now you are probably wondering what's on my Teacher Bucket List.  Tah-Dah!

I would like to accomplish these goals in a year.  I would like to be able to accomplish these goals, at least 3 out of 4, by next summer. Yikes!  Do you think I can do it?!  YES, I CAN!  I'm determined! I'm a lean mean teaching machine!  LOL!

Numbero 1: TpT Vegas 2016
I'm so super excited for all those teachers going to Vegas this summer!  I know they are going to have the time of their lives!  It's always a great feeling to attend a PD and come back like the Energizer Bunny!  As some of us, my Mommy duties are a priority, so I'm not going to be able to attend this summer.  But, that doesn't stop me from dreaming about next year!  I spoke to my awesome and most adorable friend and she's with me!  We have come up with an action plan together and we are going to both go next summer! We can't wait!

Numbero 2: Ron Clark Academy (RCA)
Another great opportunity to grow your professionalism!  Mr. Clark is the bomb dot com!  What a true inspirational teaching hero!  I have noticed on social medias the great collaborations and partnerships he shares with others and I value that so much!  I have another special friend that is also aiming to go and I hope to join forces with her as well!  Do you notice something about this post... "friends," what a great word!

Numbero 3: Attend iteach1st SDE 
Opportunity #3 for another way to learn, collaborate, and just simply network.  I think the best teachers are the ones who love to share. So, here is another fab place!  I'm not sure if this will take place the same time as TpT Vegas 2016, but if it is... then I have to be there!

Numbero 4: Develop blog of Gifted Resources
As a teacher of gifted students, I find myself searching and developing my own materials to help my students think outside-the-box.  I love the challenge and I get super excited when my firsties encompass themselves in their own learning!  Great teachable moments!  Therefore, I would like to develop some type of blog where teachers of the gifted, parents of a gifted child(ren), and gifted students can find resources.

Are you a teacher of the gifted?  What do you think?  What resources (online and printables) are you looking for?

Well Ladies and Gents, here it is! :)  My Bucket List!

While I was in a brainstorming meeting a few weeks ago with my colleagues and administration, my principal had us write a Letter to my Future Self.  He learned this great little strategy when he attended a meeting a few days prior to our meeting.  He gave us pretty teacher paper and told us to write a letter to ourselves indicating our professional and/or personal goals that we would like to achieve in six months.  He also gave us an envelope so we can address it to ourselves.  After I wrote my letter, I gave it to him and he is going to mail it to us in six months.  At that time, I will evaluate the letter to see if I achieved my goal(s).

Sooooooo, this led me to think.... to develop a FREEBIE!  Whoop-Whoop!  It's posted on my TpT and TN stores.  I hope you can use it as well.  Just write about your goals (professional and/or personal) and save it somewhere handy.  I hope you are not like me and forget where you placed it, so I would write a note to myself in my handy dandy notebook.  Go back in six months and see if you did accomplish your goal(s).  You can also set your goals for a year, or whatever time frame you would like.

I think this will also be a great little intro to back-to-school with your students.  The possibilities are endless, so enjoy it friends.

Link up with us and tell us about your Bucket List.  Thanks for sharing!  Happy Week! :)



  1. Great freebie! I want to be in Vegas 2016! I also want to attend RCA.


  2. Yay for Vegas 2016! I am also staying behind for mommy duty but have a goal to make it next summer. Hopefully we will both be there and can high-five for making it!
    Always Kindergarten

  3. You have a lot of great goals!! I too am on board for Vegas 2016, can't wait!! I'd love to visit the RCA and iteachk SDE!! You have some really great goals and I wish you all the best in obtaining them! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! Your freebie is so cute, what a great way to keep track of your goals and aspirations, thanks for such a great freebie!!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons

  4. LOVE your freebie!! This is a great idea!!! I hope to go to Vegas in 2016 as well!!!

  5. I love ya my bloggy buddy. I need to know this action plan. I'm on board for RCA and Vegas! Let's talk soon.

  6. Girl, we are going to Vegas next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow, those of us who don't get to go this year will totally make up for it summer 2016! I love your list! And that freebie is too cute :)

  7. Such a great freebie! I think Vegas needs to get ready for all of us that want to come next year!!

    Magically in First

  8. Thanks for the freebie!! I would also love to visit the Ron Clark Academy and attend TPT Vegas in 2016! Great bucket list!

  9. Your bucket list sounds a lot like mine. For starters, i'm DYING to go to Ron Clark Academy. I read one of his books a while back and feel in love with his passion and dedication. The only reason I haven't gone is because I haven't found anyone to go with! LOL Vegas is another one on my bucket list. I would love to network and get to know more of these amazing teachers, creators, and bloggers.

  10. Elizabeth, I loved reading your bucket list! Thanks for the freebie, what a cute idea! I also would love to go to Vegas next year. It is definitely on my list. I went a few years ago for the I teach K conference and it was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us!

  11. Love the idea for a Gifted Blog! What an amazing idea for going above and beyond for students! Thanks for the freebie! Can't wait to use it!
    Much love,
    Ashley and Brooklynn

  12. Fantastic bucket list and I have no doubt you reach all of those goals. I will be ready to meet you in Vegas next year! Fantastic idea fro a gifted blog as well. I am in LOVE with the new blog design. It all looks fantastic. Really love the zebra washi on the side tabs, and your button is just adorable! You are on your way my friend! Hugs to you!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Laura-Thank you Love! You are too much! I can't thank you enough for all of your support! You are a great inspiration to admire my friend!

      Love you girl!