Tell All Tuesday: Two Truths and a Lie Reveal

Thanks to Day in K and Teach, Talk, Inspire for this cute linky party.  Today is our Two Truths and a Lie Reveal.  

I LOVE to be happy ALLLLL the time!  I’m super bubbly and get excited over the silliest things!  I make myself laugh all the time, just because!  

1. I'm definitely a night person.  I know it's hard to believe as being a teacher is a day job.  Don't get me wrong, I am exhausted by the time I come home, but somehow I refuel myself and keep on chuckin'.  

2. So, I do not like scary movies!  I’m the biggest chicken when it comes to watching scary movies! I have never been able to watch any kind of scary movie!  I can't even hear that scary movie song playing in the background.  

My husband and children tease me because they like to watch those Halloween and Jason movies.  So I tease them back and make them stay up with me all night.  I even have a night light on somewhere close.  I know, it's silly, but it's me! :) 

3. I'm soooo OCD!  I need to have everything in order all the time. I write everything down and need to place everything in order before I go to sleep. Before I leave my classroom, I leave everything ready for the next day. My planners are my life!  I just bought a new one from Little Lovely Leaders and I can't wait to put it together. That's next week's goal, so stay tuned for that post.  

So there you have it, for those of you that guessed #2 as my fib, tah-dah, you are correctooo!! 

Stay tuned for next week's topic. The party has only started. :)  

Have a great weekend! 

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