That's a Wrap End-of-the-Year Work smarter, not harder!"

What a hectic week!  You know, packing, packing, and more packing. Oh yes, and let's not forget all of those deadlines that we had to meet!

I'm so truly thankful for my awesome hubby and son who came to my rescue!  They packed up my classroom in about 3 hours!  They are my Forever Superheroes!  :)

In an effort to save time next year, my husband, my son, and I cleaned all of the bookshelves and all the books!  Yes, one by one! But here is the smart thing, I won't have to dust again when I return! Why?  Well, my husband bought this Saran Wrap plastic thingy that I don't officially know the name of. After dusting everything, he just wrapped up the shelves and my containers with the wrap. When I return to work in the fall, all I have to do is cut the wrap and place the furniture where it belongs! I'm going to be saving tons of time!  What a smart man!  That's one reason why I married him! <3

"Work smarter, not harder!"

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  1. What a smart idea! I hate coming back to a dusty room and always have a million other things I would rather do in august than re dust everything!