Bloomz - Must Have App for Teachers!

Who likes FREEBIES and an all-in-one app?!  MEEEEEE and YOU of course!  I just discovered this little handy dandy app called  Bloomz.  I haven't used this app before, but I've been doing some reading about it.  I learned about it through an email a colleague sent me and I am so thankful to her!

This free app offers us, magnificent and awesomely cool, teachers an all-in-one place for parent and class communication.  Now, isn't this cool?!

I use many awesome apps to send reminders, messages, schedule events, and so forth.  These work so great and my parents love to receive my little notifications! :)  Even at midnight! ;)  Bloomz offers us the same opportunity, but all in one place.  You can

-post class events and announcements
-schedule parent conferences
-send reminders
-attach links and files
-chat with parents
-group chat
-post homework tips and hints
-post pics of special learning experiences
-post volunteer and item requests for special events/activities
-and so much more (click here for a description)

And the best part is that all of the info is confidential and secure. No phone numbers are exchanged and only parents with the specific invitation code provided by you are able to join the class, so your class remains private!  So do I hear a sign of relief?!

No more sign-up for this or sign-up for that?  Bloomz has it all in one place just for us teachers! Click here to see a short video.

Bloomz even features Teacher of the Week on their blog!  
So proud of these amazing teachers! 

How do you plan to use Bloomz in your classroom?  Any friendly tips if you already used this before? 

ABC's of First Grade Linky - First Grade Tribe

ABC's and 123s!  The First Grade Tribe is hosting our first linky party!  I'm joining the magical firsties forces with Tales of a Sassy Teacher, Where the First Graders Are, Beginnings with Baer, Once Upon First Grade, and Bits of First Grade to talk a little about all of the ABC's of our fav group!

So get ready because I'm taking you through some funnies!

First Grade is...
-always an Adventure because you have to be ready for everything and anything at all times of the day
-when teachers can set awesomely cool foundational Beginnings to help build positive role models
-the teacher is always Cool no matter how silly you look or act

-I love to get Doodles and Doodles of goodies
-everyday is filled with Exciting new learning adventures
-Firsties are at an age of learning and discovery and I love to be a part of their new memories

-Giggles and Giggles of silly sayings all day
-Happy to be in school everyday and see what new discoveries we can do together
-Intelligent firsties brain is always sparkling with fireworks

-you have to love those knock knock Jokes
-firsties are just Loving all the time, especially when they smile and have missing teeth, I LOVE IT
-showing each other Kindness by taking care of one another

-Moving and dancing all day to keep those little coconuts focused
-they love when you Narrate those fun stories
-Order and structure is needed in order to provide a rich learning and positive classroom
-Possibilities of learning and expanding beyond your imagination
-Quiet time so think and reflect
-firsties will tell you their Real opinion, no matter what

-Sharing and caring all day
-Thrill of making new discoveries
-firsties have a Universal approach about our happy world

-Vivid imaginations that take you to infinity and beyond
-Wonders filled their minds and you have to love all the "Why" questions
-eXhilarating motion of fun in the classroom

-Year of development, growth, wonders, and laughs
-Zesty all day and I wish I had that same energy allllll day long

So as you can see, first grade is full of adventure and that's why I LOVE it sooooo much!  

What are some of your favorites first grade memories?  
Let's link up together!  

Oops, I Need That! - What Every Teacher Needs - FREEBIE

How many times do you pull a 10 - 12 hour shift at school?  You know, those days that we have Open House, Back to School Night, Parent Night, and any special events that we enjoy doing after hours.  Well, I can claim a long list of many nights that I pull a 10 -12 hour shift in my classroom and I don't go home in between because I need to prep for the activity, attend meetings, answer emails, parent conferences, do I need to go on...  Is this you too?

Well, I have made my own little bag of goodies in order to survive those long days at work and still look as fab as I did when I walked in the morning. Could you believe it?  I know, I'm excited too!

This is my Oops, I Need That! bag of tricks!  :)  I know that when I have my nightly events in school, I tend to get a little you know, interesting, especially with this Florida weather! So, after I finish running around like a chicken with my head cut off and sweat like 300 pounds, I need a fresher picker-upper! So I've created my Oops, I Need That! goody bag!

Tah-Dah!  Here it is! :)

I put everything inside a cute little bag.  
Here is a list and the purpose of each item:

1. band-aids - cuts, burns
2. Aleve - headaches, migraines, pain meds
3. hair tie - with my long hair, I always need this
4. nail file - especially needed for chipped nails when packing, unpacking, filing papers, & cleaning
5. deodorant - duh! 
6. perfume (body spray) - it's the bottle with the orange liquid - I bought a pack of three refillable bottles from the dollar store and just poured some perfume 
7. razor - you never know who you have to impress
8. toothpaste & toothbrush - nothing feels better than a refreshed mouth and I use the toothpaste to put over those terrible hot glue gun burns.  
***TIP*** Put a little bit of toothpaste over that terrible burn from the glue gun and let it sit there for a little bit.  You will feel so much better! 
9. mouthwash - just keeping my pearly whites clean
10. safety pins - for anything and everything
11. lotion - you know I need some Bath & Body Works

I bought the travel size so it can all fit inside my bag.  I'm going to glue the cute little label to the front of my bag.  I also include Hydrocortisone & Neosoprin, but I forgot to buy it.  Oops!  Of course, we need our handy-dandy make-up bag.  I keep that stuff separate and take it with me daily.  This Oops, I Need That! baggie stays in my classroom.  

And of course, I like to share and think about you, so you can find below the labels for FREE!  Just click on the picture to download. 

Here is a great little idea... You can create this little goody bag for your teacher friends as a Welcome Back to School gift!  I know that every teacher needs this in their own teacher tool box.  I'm creating one for my daughter who is starting her first year as a teacher!  I can't wait to see her face! :) 

So what are you putting in your Oops, I Need That! goody bag?  
Who are you giving it to?  

Tell all Tuesday: If my Life was a Reality Show, it Would be Called...

Do you know what day it is?  Yup, it's Tuesday, so it's time for our 
weekly Linky PaRtY! :) 

This week my awesome blog buddies, Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach, Talk, Inspire got a little creative! :)  Our topic this week is .... if my life was a reality show, it would be called....

Now, I'm going to be honest here, I really don't watch too many reality shows. Why?  Well, I'm always on the gooooooo.  I've heard of some shows and my friends share with me, so I kind of stay in the loop?  So I was having a hard time thinking of a name.  But then I decided, "Elizabeth, just think about what you would name it."  So I thought ... and thought ... and thought ... and you know when the idea came to me, yup, in the middle of the night when I was replaying one of my Periscope broadcast. Sooooooo here it is.....

I don't know if there is a show called 24/7, but that would be the name of my show.  Let me explain. We all wear many fab hats...mommy hat, teacher hat, wife hat, friend hat, sister hat, aunt hat, niece hat, best friend hat, doctor hat, lawyer hat, accountant hat, chef hat, baker hat, TpT hat, do I need to go on?  So, with all of this multi-tasking, I'm always going, like 24/7!

Are you with me?  Give me a Whoop-Whoop! 

My little coconut (my brain) is on double, triple time all the time.  It takes me a little bit to settle down before I actually fall asleep and that's like really, REALLY late or really, REALLY early in the morning, which ever you prefer. This is because I'm always thinking and some of my best ideas come when? Yes, in the shower and/or right smack in the middle of the night.

And you know that when you decide to "go to bed," it takes you another 15-30 minutes to actually get there.  That's because I tuck in each of my children, even thought they are teens, I still do it, we talk and/or read something interesting (we are wayyyy pass the bedtime story stage, but sometimes I squeeze one in :), say our prayers, make sure all of the electronics are plugged so they can charge, ensure everything is ready for tomorrow, check on my fur baby, lock the doors, put away the laundry, finish cutting, laminating, pasting tomorrow's fun activity, and then hopefully I didn't forget something so I can lay down.

So you see I'm 24/7.  Is that a hashtag? How about you or am I alone here?

Join our PaRTy!  I would love to read all about it! 

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Big Blog Reveal

Shoot me a Whoop-Whoop!  Like a double Whoop-Whoop Whoop-Whoop!

Tah-dah!  Boom!  Zam!  I'm so SuPeR ExCiTeD to launch my NEW blog design! Yes, my NEW and NUEVO (Spanish for new) blog design!  So can I get another Whoop-Whoop?! 

I am sooooooooo truly thankful to Lindsey from L. Paull Designs for All and you might know her from her amazing blog titled Miss Johnston's Journey!  Can I just say that she is the bomb dot com?! I have to give her a HUGE shout-out!  Her talent is so incredible and amazing! Can you tell?!  I would like to thank Lindsey for her patience, guidance, and collaboration.  I asked her so many questions, asked for so much advice, and guess what?  She answered every single question with a smile, even though I really didn't see her, but I felt it in my heart.  :)

So, I started blogging 2 years ago.  I started with the free Google blogger site just to get my feet wet. I'm thankful for this experience because I learned lots.  And yes, I also stalk, but in a good loving way.  After some time off and lots of research, I told myself this summer... "Elizabeth, goooo for it girl!"  Fun fact- I talk to myself and make myself laugh all the time, like 24/7!  Now, don't think I'm nutty, I'm just funny!  Hey, that rhymes! 

I LOVE my zebra stripes and obviously my favorite color is purple, so I had to incorporate this pattern and look into my blog.  After all, this blog has to show my fab, awesomely, cool personality! LOL!  You see, I make myself crack up all the time.  Are you laughing? I LOVE my little zebra print washi tape! Isn't that so cool?! 

So how do you decide what?  Just think about your goals, your vision, your plan, and your purpose. My purpose is to communicate with fellow educators and share, share, share.  I have a resource tab for some helpful links to useful websites that I like to refer to often when I need some guidance.  I feel like my blog is my little place where I can "shine my stripe on!"  

So take a stroll through my stripes and let me know what's up! 
What do you think?  

And now for the fun part... because you know we have to CeLeBrAtE, CeLeBrAR (Spanish for celebrate)! 


I have to thank my FAB FRIENDS for their continuous support and love!  LOVE YOU GIRLS! Click on their names to check them out, they are fab!  I also have them on my Blog Buddies tab. 

Polka Dots and Pals, The Scoop in Second Grade, Pride and Primary, Luv my Kinders, Mrs. B's First Grade, Literacy and Lattes, Geaux First Grade, Pelicans and Pipsqueaks, My Day in K, Daisy a Day Doodles, and Live, Love, Serve, Teach

Enter the rafflecopter below to win all of these goodies!  Contest is from July 13th - July 20th, 2015! 
Good-luck friends! I can't wait to read your comments.  

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Tell all Tuesday-Teacher's Top 10 List!

It's Tuesday, it's Tuesday!  Time to link up with My Day in K and Teach, Talk, Inspire

So the question is what are the top ten things teaching has taught me.  
Hmmmmmmm, well, here it goes....

10.  Summer time for most people mean time off and lots of vaca!  Well, I have learned that summer time is the time to gather my thoughts.  My main priority is my family, so we do spend time together. In conjunction with family time, this is the time to expand my professionalism.  Since I started TpT, summer time gives me the opportunity to finish products, start new ones, and team up with bloggers! I'm so happy that I had the grand opportunity to meet new fab friends, like my TpT Friends!

9. We are a public image.  Have you ever run into a student and/or parent in the store?  Yup, I have, lots of time.  Especially when you are making that "quick stop for 1 item!" and your hair is a hot mess!  I just laugh!

8. Choices, choices, choices!  I have learned that the choices you make now have an everlasting impression.  So as I grow wiser, I have learned to really think about the right choice.  I know, I'm a thinker! :)

7. Teachers are a public figure.  Besides being recognized in the store, people take lots and lots of pics of you all the time.  I had the great opportunity a few summers ago to publish an article in the newspaper and help open up a tutoring service.  A few weeks before school ended, a parent came up to me to tell me that he recognized me on the web page.

6. I LOVE to plan!  I think this is one of my best qualities!  I'm super organized, its my OCD! :) Buying any kind of planner that works for you is the best wise choice you can make.  I have to write everything down and I love colors, post-its, and more colors!

5. We are constantly multi-tasking.  Like guiding your teacher led center group and tracking the students' fluency speed and yes, trying to finish that morning juice.  I can't drink coffee, so OJ is just as awesome!

4. Lunch time! Well, this time is used for catching up, answering emails, calling parents, filing, grading, checking folders, cutting, pasting, coloring, .....

3. I can get away with being SiLlY and it's A okay!  My firsties LOVE when I'm silly and they laugh.  I hope they are not laughing at me, but with me! :)

2. I'm always buying things for my classroom! Especially in the summer when all of those sales are taking place and yes, the Target Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree are my BFFs!

1. The best thing teaching has taught me is ho much I LOVE to TEACH! All of those love notes and "You are the best teacher in the world!"  just make my heart tickle!  I love the admiration I see in each of my students' eyes as the gaze up at me like I'm Wonder Woman! As long as I can, look out world, here I am!  I LOVE being a TEACHER!

So now it's your turn... link up with us! We would love to hear about your
Top Ten! 

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