ABC's of First Grade Linky - First Grade Tribe

ABC's and 123s!  The First Grade Tribe is hosting our first linky party!  I'm joining the magical firsties forces with Tales of a Sassy Teacher, Where the First Graders Are, Beginnings with Baer, Once Upon First Grade, and Bits of First Grade to talk a little about all of the ABC's of our fav group!

So get ready because I'm taking you through some funnies!

First Grade is...
-always an Adventure because you have to be ready for everything and anything at all times of the day
-when teachers can set awesomely cool foundational Beginnings to help build positive role models
-the teacher is always Cool no matter how silly you look or act

-I love to get Doodles and Doodles of goodies
-everyday is filled with Exciting new learning adventures
-Firsties are at an age of learning and discovery and I love to be a part of their new memories

-Giggles and Giggles of silly sayings all day
-Happy to be in school everyday and see what new discoveries we can do together
-Intelligent firsties brain is always sparkling with fireworks

-you have to love those knock knock Jokes
-firsties are just Loving all the time, especially when they smile and have missing teeth, I LOVE IT
-showing each other Kindness by taking care of one another

-Moving and dancing all day to keep those little coconuts focused
-they love when you Narrate those fun stories
-Order and structure is needed in order to provide a rich learning and positive classroom
-Possibilities of learning and expanding beyond your imagination
-Quiet time so think and reflect
-firsties will tell you their Real opinion, no matter what

-Sharing and caring all day
-Thrill of making new discoveries
-firsties have a Universal approach about our happy world

-Vivid imaginations that take you to infinity and beyond
-Wonders filled their minds and you have to love all the "Why" questions
-eXhilarating motion of fun in the classroom

-Year of development, growth, wonders, and laughs
-Zesty all day and I wish I had that same energy allllll day long

So as you can see, first grade is full of adventure and that's why I LOVE it sooooo much!  

What are some of your favorites first grade memories?  
Let's link up together!  


  1. Love, love, love this, Elizabeth!!! I agree -- first grade is a THRILL!!! Love that for T!!! <3

    1. Thanks Danielle! Totally a Thrill all day! Thanks for linking up! Love ya Girl!

      All the best,