Big Blog Reveal

Shoot me a Whoop-Whoop!  Like a double Whoop-Whoop Whoop-Whoop!

Tah-dah!  Boom!  Zam!  I'm so SuPeR ExCiTeD to launch my NEW blog design! Yes, my NEW and NUEVO (Spanish for new) blog design!  So can I get another Whoop-Whoop?! 

I am sooooooooo truly thankful to Lindsey from L. Paull Designs for All and you might know her from her amazing blog titled Miss Johnston's Journey!  Can I just say that she is the bomb dot com?! I have to give her a HUGE shout-out!  Her talent is so incredible and amazing! Can you tell?!  I would like to thank Lindsey for her patience, guidance, and collaboration.  I asked her so many questions, asked for so much advice, and guess what?  She answered every single question with a smile, even though I really didn't see her, but I felt it in my heart.  :)

So, I started blogging 2 years ago.  I started with the free Google blogger site just to get my feet wet. I'm thankful for this experience because I learned lots.  And yes, I also stalk, but in a good loving way.  After some time off and lots of research, I told myself this summer... "Elizabeth, goooo for it girl!"  Fun fact- I talk to myself and make myself laugh all the time, like 24/7!  Now, don't think I'm nutty, I'm just funny!  Hey, that rhymes! 

I LOVE my zebra stripes and obviously my favorite color is purple, so I had to incorporate this pattern and look into my blog.  After all, this blog has to show my fab, awesomely, cool personality! LOL!  You see, I make myself crack up all the time.  Are you laughing? I LOVE my little zebra print washi tape! Isn't that so cool?! 

So how do you decide what?  Just think about your goals, your vision, your plan, and your purpose. My purpose is to communicate with fellow educators and share, share, share.  I have a resource tab for some helpful links to useful websites that I like to refer to often when I need some guidance.  I feel like my blog is my little place where I can "shine my stripe on!"  

So take a stroll through my stripes and let me know what's up! 
What do you think?  

And now for the fun part... because you know we have to CeLeBrAtE, CeLeBrAR (Spanish for celebrate)! 


I have to thank my FAB FRIENDS for their continuous support and love!  LOVE YOU GIRLS! Click on their names to check them out, they are fab!  I also have them on my Blog Buddies tab. 

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Good-luck friends! I can't wait to read your comments.  

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  1. My friend, this looks awesome. I love, love, love the new look!

    1. Thank you so much Love for your awesome support! Besos!