Bloomz - Must Have App for Teachers!

Who likes FREEBIES and an all-in-one app?!  MEEEEEE and YOU of course!  I just discovered this little handy dandy app called  Bloomz.  I haven't used this app before, but I've been doing some reading about it.  I learned about it through an email a colleague sent me and I am so thankful to her!

This free app offers us, magnificent and awesomely cool, teachers an all-in-one place for parent and class communication.  Now, isn't this cool?!

I use many awesome apps to send reminders, messages, schedule events, and so forth.  These work so great and my parents love to receive my little notifications! :)  Even at midnight! ;)  Bloomz offers us the same opportunity, but all in one place.  You can

-post class events and announcements
-schedule parent conferences
-send reminders
-attach links and files
-chat with parents
-group chat
-post homework tips and hints
-post pics of special learning experiences
-post volunteer and item requests for special events/activities
-and so much more (click here for a description)

And the best part is that all of the info is confidential and secure. No phone numbers are exchanged and only parents with the specific invitation code provided by you are able to join the class, so your class remains private!  So do I hear a sign of relief?!

No more sign-up for this or sign-up for that?  Bloomz has it all in one place just for us teachers! Click here to see a short video.

Bloomz even features Teacher of the Week on their blog!  
So proud of these amazing teachers! 

How do you plan to use Bloomz in your classroom?  Any friendly tips if you already used this before? 


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    2. Thank you Rami for stopping by my blog. So glad you find it useful! All the best!

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