Tell all Tuesday-Teacher's Top 10 List!

It's Tuesday, it's Tuesday!  Time to link up with My Day in K and Teach, Talk, Inspire

So the question is what are the top ten things teaching has taught me.  
Hmmmmmmm, well, here it goes....

10.  Summer time for most people mean time off and lots of vaca!  Well, I have learned that summer time is the time to gather my thoughts.  My main priority is my family, so we do spend time together. In conjunction with family time, this is the time to expand my professionalism.  Since I started TpT, summer time gives me the opportunity to finish products, start new ones, and team up with bloggers! I'm so happy that I had the grand opportunity to meet new fab friends, like my TpT Friends!

9. We are a public image.  Have you ever run into a student and/or parent in the store?  Yup, I have, lots of time.  Especially when you are making that "quick stop for 1 item!" and your hair is a hot mess!  I just laugh!

8. Choices, choices, choices!  I have learned that the choices you make now have an everlasting impression.  So as I grow wiser, I have learned to really think about the right choice.  I know, I'm a thinker! :)

7. Teachers are a public figure.  Besides being recognized in the store, people take lots and lots of pics of you all the time.  I had the great opportunity a few summers ago to publish an article in the newspaper and help open up a tutoring service.  A few weeks before school ended, a parent came up to me to tell me that he recognized me on the web page.

6. I LOVE to plan!  I think this is one of my best qualities!  I'm super organized, its my OCD! :) Buying any kind of planner that works for you is the best wise choice you can make.  I have to write everything down and I love colors, post-its, and more colors!

5. We are constantly multi-tasking.  Like guiding your teacher led center group and tracking the students' fluency speed and yes, trying to finish that morning juice.  I can't drink coffee, so OJ is just as awesome!

4. Lunch time! Well, this time is used for catching up, answering emails, calling parents, filing, grading, checking folders, cutting, pasting, coloring, .....

3. I can get away with being SiLlY and it's A okay!  My firsties LOVE when I'm silly and they laugh.  I hope they are not laughing at me, but with me! :)

2. I'm always buying things for my classroom! Especially in the summer when all of those sales are taking place and yes, the Target Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree are my BFFs!

1. The best thing teaching has taught me is ho much I LOVE to TEACH! All of those love notes and "You are the best teacher in the world!"  just make my heart tickle!  I love the admiration I see in each of my students' eyes as the gaze up at me like I'm Wonder Woman! As long as I can, look out world, here I am!  I LOVE being a TEACHER!

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  1. I am a planner as well! We have to be to keep some of the chaos away! I love your top ten! Those target dollar spots are going to be the death of me!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth!
    I enjoyed reading your top 10. The one that really stuck out was the multitasking. Aren't we just amazing at that?! Sometimes I think if somebody were watching me, they would be really impressed by the multitasking skills :)

    Made with Love

  3. Your top 10 is great! Very realistic, especially 3! I never thought I would spend money on my class! It doesn`t feel like spending though, is more like investing ;)

    Magically in First

  4. #5 is a big one for me!! Teachers are the masters of multi tasking! I am not sure how we would get our jobs done if we weren't!!
    Curious firsties

  5. Love your list! I agree with so many of yours. I may need you to come to KY and help me organize better. This is growth area for me.

  6. I love that we can be silly and when we are we get to be even BIGGER heroes!!! What a great list!!!

  7. Hi Elizabeth! Loving the new blog design, it is so fun and pretty! I completely agree with all of the points on your list. I was shaking my head yes throughout your whole post. I agree we have to be silly and laugh with our kiddos! Thanks for linking up with us!

    Teach Talk Inspire

  8. I love #7, Elizabeth! It's true, you are an influence to your students, but your community watches every move as well. Love your blog!!

  9. Elizabeth, I loved reading through your list. All your statements were spot on. I feel as though qualified multi-tasker should be on a teacher's resume. ;) I am loving the new blog design! Adorable just like you. Thanks for linking up with us!