My Super Classroom Reveal

So after wearing my Super Cape, here it is.... my Super little happy home away from home! 
Whoop-Whoop!  Tah-Dah! Bam! Zap! Wowza! 

I went to work one week before I was suppose to officially report to work. I originally went back two weeks before, but to my surprise my floor wasn't waxed and yep, you guessed it, I had to wait an entire week!  Has this ever happened to you?

Now, I like to keep myself organized and my OCD just can't help itself and besides my little coconut is always on.  So I went home and drew a map of my classroom and had a HUGE laminating party! I have had my zebra stripes theme for a few years now and I always love me some zebra stripe print. Since my department's theme this year is Superheroes, we all decided to make our classrooms just a little bit more super! So this meant work, work, work!  I created everything in my classroom and I just love to be creative!

I'm still making some goodies and I can't wait to post the final product.  For now, here is my little place I like to call home! Shout-out and Whoop-Whoop to my secret angels who helped me make this happen!  I LOVE you, my hubby, son, and daughter!

Some before pictures (and here is where I can really recognize alllllll of our hard work, like sweat and bullets, even in the AC, this is Florida remember :)

Front view
 Back view
Far back view 

Whoop-Whoop!  By the front door view 

 Front View 

 Back View

                                           By the front door view

 Birthday Wall

 Math Bulletin Board 

 My Super Piggy Banks (group tables earn "money" in their piggy banks and my firsties LOVE to earn money).  Also, here is my Secret Hero cup and Fair Bucket.  Each cup has numbered possible sticks according to each students' last name. Fair Bucket is used to call out students numbers so all students can be picked fairly.  

Secret Hero is also a great management tool I use in class.  Without saying who it is, I pick a possible stick with a student's number the first time we line up for the day.  I explain to the boys and girls that this person has to be super all the time, even when we walk in the line.  Since it's a secret until the end of the day, all students do their best to be Super Walkers in the line.  At the end of the day, I reveal the Secret Hero and that student earns a special reward.  They LOVE it! 

 V.I.H. (Very Important Hero) another great little management tool.  This is on a Super writing table for that Super student who did an awesome job the whole day.  That student gets to sit in the VIH section, like the VIP section, and enjoy using these awesomely cool writing tools (stamps, cool pencils, glasses, markers, pens, highlighters, pens, shape erasers, etc...) 

 Focus Wall (front of the room) click here to see this product in my store 

 Groups bulletin board (front of the room) I still have to create and post my Super Group names.  

 Soaring Superhero Behavior Chart 

 Writing Wall 

 Word Wall (available in my store

 Reading Headquarters (my FAV).  My hubby is going to make this area a little more Super, but you have to wait for those details!  LOL! Shout-out to one of my parents who bought me 2 Super capes! 

Science and Social Studies Wall 

 Africa (Social Studies Wall) We study all about this Super country throughout the year and celebrate in February with a rich culminating activity! 

 Back right of the room- Teacher Led Center (small groups)

 AR Heroes and AR Quiz Line -students place their number on the waiting line to take an AR test (click here to see the AR Quiz Line file in my store).  At the end of the week, I have student conferences with each student and they place their pin on the AR Heroes clip chart.  

 Side Wall (my rules and whole brain teaching)  Yes, that's a cape on the left that my Super Star Student can wear all week! :) 

My desk

One of my other favs of my room.  I learned this in a PD that I attended and used Publisher to create it.  I teach my babies how to be a detective while reading and how to write like an investigator and they love using the clip boards and magnifying glass to search and write clues.  

So there it is friends!  Thank you so much for taking a little happy tour of my happy classroom!  What's your theme like this year?  What is your fav section of your happy place?  I would LOVE to read all about it!  

So here is to a Super Whoop-Whoop Year to all of us! 


  1. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth!! I am in LOVE with your room!! The superhero theme is absolutely adorable!!!!! Your kids are going to love being and learning in your classroom!!! Here's to a SUPER fabulous year!!!

    xoxo, Danielle

    1. Ahhh, THANK YOU so much Danielle! I feel the love! I'm sure you are off to a great start my friend! Muah!

  2. That looks so fun. You put a LOT of work into the room and I know your kids will love it! Have a great year. Still jealous about the Creative Clips giveaway! :)

    1. Thank you Sweet Tammy! I appreciate it! I can share.... :)

  3. Your room looks great! It also looks huge!! I would love a big classroom, ah just a dream hehe. Have a great year!

    1. Thank you Melody! I appreciate your feedback! For many years, my classroom was a closet, so this is VIP for meeeee! Just hold on tight, it will happen! Good-luck friend!

  4. Whoop Whoop! It all looks so fantastic! I have to agree though the Reading Headquarters is my favorite. The super hero on the wall is awesome! I know your kiddos are going to love it! Have a fantastic year! Love ya! Hugs my friend!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Love ya Laura! You are so amazing and supportive! I LOVE the whoop-whoop! You go girl! I know your babies are so fantastically awesome to have you as their fab teacher! Keep it up! Hugs and kisses!

  5. It looks so fabulous!!! Love it! Hope your year goes smoothly friend!! xoxox

    1. Thank you so much my love! Whoop-Whoop for all if us! Here's to a Super Year! Muah!

  6. Oh, goodness! Your room is WONDERFUL! I love love LOVE it!!!!

    And that detective/investigator banner is GREAT! I love that idea! So glad you shared it with us! :)

    1. Thank you Tiffany! You are awesome! Love ya Girl!

  7. You do have a super classroom. Everything is super here, from your writing wall to your desk. I might even have borrowed some creative ideas from you and I am grateful for that. I hope you are still cooperating with NYCResumeServices because I am also looking forward to your worksheets and activities.