Cute Post-it Notes

If you are like me, you LOVE post-it notes!  Especially all types of colors, shapes, and sizes!  We, teachers just can't get enough of the post-its!  I use them all of the time to write reminders, notes, lists, and even love notes to my kiddies, colleagues, and myself.  Yes, I like to make myself smile all day! :)

So I started thinking...hmmmmmm, how can I make my little colorful post-its, even more fun?!  Just make it myself, of course! :)  I would love to share with all of my fab friends, so just click on the picture below for the FREEBIE!

But wait, would you like to make your own?  Whoop-Whoop!  Yes, you can. Here's how...

Just open up PowerPoint and make your margin width 8.5" and the height 11". On a blank slide, insert a square.  Right click the square so you will see a set of options appear.  Click on Format Shape.

On the left side, you will see a menu appear, select size.  A new window appears, type 3" for the height and type 2.9" for the width.  Click ok. Copy and paste the formatted square so you can create 4 squares on a page.  Make sure to leave room between each square.  Duplicate this slide by selecting the slide on the left hand side where you see all of your slides.  Right click on the slide and click duplicate slide.  You will see a copy of this slide appear below the original slide.

On the duplicate slide, insert your favorite borders and images inside the squares.  Insert a text box and type your desired text inside the box.  Copy and paste the template so you can create 4 squares on a page.  You can make each square different or the same, your creativity is endless, so enjoy it.

I suggest you print out a test page.  It took me a few tries to get it just right, especially with my OCD, you know it had to be perfect! :)  When you are ready to print, select the desired slide you would like to print.  Please make sure to select Frame Slides when you print.  If you select and print Scale to Fit, the squares end up being too small and the images are not aligned with the post-it note.

So, print out the page with the 4 blank squares.

Place one post-it note over each square and feed the paper back into the printer.  Please check your printer settings.  You might have to insert the page face down.

Print the page with the cute images.  Remember to select Frame Slides and not Scale to Fit.  Volia! Look at your cute post-its! I know you are proud of yourself!

Remove the post-its and enjoy!  I suggest you keep the print out of the page with the empty squares template so you have it for future use.

Another idea is to print out the templates on color paper, even cardstock. Cut out the squares and you can use it for whatever you like.  Maybe a bookmark, interactive journal idea, taking notes, etc... You can give it to your kiddies and watch them smile!

Now it's your turn, how do you use post-its?  Do you like this idea?  How do you incorporate post-its in your lessons?  

Thanks for stopping by! :)  Keep smiling and tag me on your posts.  
I would love to see your cute post-its! :) 
Have a Whoop-Whoop Day! 


  1. Great tutorial! I can't wait to make my own.

    1. Thanks Melinda! Love ya girl! Happy Notes! :)

  2. Love this idea and these are super cute! Thanks for the freebie and especially the tutorial to customize my own. XOXO

    Luv M Kinders

    1. Thank you Sweet Laura! I can't wait to see your cute post-its! Love ya!

  3. This is so neat! Thanks for sharing these tips. =)

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