Moon Rocks

Have you ever wanted to go to the moon?  Well, my kiddies and I would love to visit the moon, so I brought the moon to them! How you may ask, well great question.  Grab onto your spacesuit and yell whoop-whoop!

My little ones are so hooked on the Magic Tree House books, so of course, we read Midnight on the Moon.  I used this book to teach facts about the moon. We created a moon chart together of facts after we read the book.

The students also used the book to create their very own My Moon Facts Book which worked out great!  I printed the pages on my fav Astrobrights colors and voila!  What a little color can do! So kiddies became reading detectives and used the book to write down facts to create their mini books. What do you think?

And now for more fun... Yup, we created moon rocks!  You can image the look on their faces! Truly happy teacher heart over here!  I have to say that I saw this idea on Pinterest and there is a Youtube video on how to make it. So credits to this great teacher for helping us visual people create this fun project!

It was so simple! All you really need is
-4 cups of baking soda
-¼ cup water
-gold and silver glitter
-black food coloring
-large pan or bin

Pour the baking soda, water, glitter, and food coloring in a bowl and start to mix.  I had to continue to add more food coloring to get it to look dark instead of gray.  

Then have the kiddies grab some of the mix and shape it into a rock.  Now, watch their faces! :) Hilarious I tell you! And you will get "This is the bet day ever! You are the best teacher!"  So enjoy your moment, we deserve it! 

After all the rocks are formed, just let it sit over night so it could get hard.  

Watch their faces again!  I know right!  Love our profession! To add an extra touch, pour some vinegar into a squeeze bottle.  I used a mustard bottle from the dollar store.  Slightly pour some vinegar over the moon rocks and see what happens!  The rocks turn into dust and here you have another lesson!  It's like 2 for 1!  How exciting!

Now, here is where I made a boo-boo!  I should of had the kiddies use gloves to make the rocks because the food coloring stains! Duh! Honestly, I didn't think about it so you know I was scrubbing those hands!  No need to worry, the kiddies went home safe and I have these amazing parents that all for fun and encouragement in my classroom, so they didn't mind.  We did get some kicks out of their purple hands!  Another happy teacher heart moment! 

During all of this fun, kiddies completed a reflection based on the experiment. I LOVE to hear those amazing vocabulary words when they speak to each other. 

Since my little people had so much fun, they wanted to go home and show their parents.  Of course, I was like whoop-whoop!  YES!!! So I created the recipe cards and printed out in you know Astrobight paper.  I sent it home and parents loved it too! 

So if you would like to have as much fun as we did, I have you covered, my little friend!  My TpT file contains all the goodies you need to make this fun activity.  Just click below the image to go directly to my TpT Store

So, how do you teach about the moon?  How do you plan to make your kiddies go whoop-whoop!  I would love to hear your thoughts! 

As always, have many whoop-whoop moments!