Superhero Galacticon!

It's a bird. It's a plane.  It's our Galacticon!  

This past school year, my classroom theme was Superheroes!  And since I spent soooooo much money on making my classroom cute (yes, Office Depot loved me last summer), I'm keeping the same theme this year.  I did my own class decor packet, but I haven't had time to post on TpT.  I was able to post some goodies, like Punctuation Power, Superhero Bracelets and Hats, Focus Wall, Accelerated Reader Quiz Line, Word Wall, FREE 100 and 120 Charts, and I am 120 Days Smarter Badge, Cuff, and Hat/Crown in my TpT Store if you would like to check it out.

Our team consists of the Advanced Academics students (gifted learners) ranging from first through fifth grade, so you know what this means.... Whoop-Whoop! Throughout the year, students learned various concepts about being a superhero, character development, leadership roles, fictional superheroes (you know the kiddies had a ball with these), and non-fictional space heroes.  The students also learned about space, solar system, aliens, galaxies, space vehicles, moon, sun, etc...

We began planning for our grand culminating event the summer before school started.  We thought..."Hmmm, how can our fab students demonstrate everything they have learned?"  Tah-Dah- We came up with Galacticon, it's like a Comic Con, but we tied in the space theme.

We thought to have different stations - Comic Con, STEM-a-Con, Techno Con, Astro Con, Super Robo Con, and Drama Con. Our team decided to present a Choice Board to students based on these stations.  Especially with gifted learners, this is a great teaching strategy.  The students had to select one project they wanted to create.  The students had to create and development their own project; they could not just simply create the real solar system.  No, no, no.  We need to challenge the kiddies, so the students had to invent their own

-solar system
-space vehicle
-3D model of a planet
-write a script for a play
-create an iPad for a make-believe superhero (this choice was for primary grades)
-create a PowerPoint Movie, FB, IG, or Twitter account of a make-believe superhero 
-create a super robot
-write a complete story about a superhero in space

Pretty cool choices huh? 

The project was worth several grades and the students had to present in class.  Of course, the kiddies had to include a writing component.  The students were given a planning guide (plan of action), rubric, vocabulary list, flip book, and directions.  For my sake and sanity, I created a roster to keep track of who was doing what.  After the presentations, the students received their grades, which is also included in the product. Don't forget to print on Astrobrights paper for that extra pop!

Here are some examples of innovative projects...

Now for our grand culminating event, the famous Galacticon!  Thanks to our amazing parents, we transformed the cafeteria into an amazing Super Space! I created posters for each station so the projects would be displayed in the corresponding area.  Of course, parents were invited to attend to view the awesomeness that we worked so hard to create throughout the year! :) We even set up a Super Selfie and Super Food station.  In our Super Food station we had Moon Pies!

The kiddies dressed up as superheroes and you know that we, teachers, had to dress up too! I didn't want to miss out on the fun!  And guess what?????!!!! We had Batman and Super Girl join us!

The kiddies were excited!  The teachers were thrilled!  The parents were impressed! Administration was in love!  And this my friends, means only one thing...#teachertired!  Just kidding, yes we were exhausted, but the smiles were sooooooo worth it!

Are you thinking about a superhero theme?  How about space?  Well, this product has everything you need to help your students create their own fun. Just click on the image below to go directly to the product in my TpT Store.

So can I get a whoop-whoop?! What do ya think?  Remember that real superheroes do not wear capes.  And always know that you are someone's superhero everyday!

Create Your Own Desktop Background and Cute Buttons

So, you want to know how to make a cute screensaver?  I can help!  It's so easy, you are not going to believe it!  :) 

**Please note that these are the directions for PowerPoint 1994-2004 on Mac.**

Step 1-
Open up PPT.  Select "File" on the top left and click "Page Set Up."  Set your margins to width: 17" and height: 10.6". Click "Ok".  Click "Ok" again, even when it asks you to fix it (don't fix it).   

Step 2-
Insert a shape or digital paper of your choice to create your background.  

Step 3-
Add cute borders and text of your choice to create your design.  Try to leave some space on the top and on the bottom because these will get cut off on your computer screen.  My suggestion is to put a cute border on top and/or bottom and then center your main images on the page.  

Step 4-
In your PPT, go to the very top right and click on the word "PowerPoint." Select "Preferences." 

Step 5-
Click "Save." Set your margins to width: 1280 and height: 798.  This change will only be temporary; you should write down your original settings before you make the change.  

Step 6-
Save your file as a PPT and a PNG.  Once you save it on PPT, you can always make changes later. You will need the PNG file to put on your desktop. Save the PNG file on your desktop. 

Step 7-
Find the PNG image and right click on it.  Click "Set Desktop Picture."  Voila!  All done!  Enjoy your moment and new cutie! 

Feel free to click here for a free and cute desktop screensaver.  

Now I just learned how to make these cute little buttons.  Credits to Live, Laugh, Love Second for her post.  

It's so easy!  Ready, Set, Read...

*Open up a new PPT.  Actually, I just used the same PPT as the one with the desktop screensaver.  The choice is yours.  Insert a shape of your choice and you can change the color and size as you like.  Insert the text of your choice to name your button. You can format the shape by clicking on "Format" on the menu bar.

**Select the image with the text and click "Copy" or Command C.  

***Select the folder you would like to replace with your cute button.  Right click on the folder and select "Get Info." 

****Click one time only on the little folder on the very top left next to the name of the folder.  

*****Then, click Command V to paste your design button.  Voila!  All done! 

Easy, right!  I told ya! Can I get a whoop-whoop?! Enjoy your double moment! 

Well, I''m going to create one for my work computer so it could be ready when for my new kiddies! :) 

What do you think?  How are you going to design your desktop screensaver and buttons?  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Whoop-Whoop!