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Whoop-Whoop!  Welcome to my blog! I'm a mother of two gorgeous teens and married to the best husband in the world! I have been married for 20 + years and I just love every minute!  I'm a believer of faith and just love to be happy all the time! I'm just a bubbly happy go-lucky young-at-heart woman. I love to be SiLlY! I view the glass as half full and look forward to the day's challenges and blessings!

I absolutely love to teach and work with my little people! I'm truly passionate about learning, sharing, and helping.  I love to collaborate with fellow colleagues and I love to build partnerships.  I have taught all grade levels, pre-K-12th grade.  My heart belongs to my delicious first graders as I have taught this grade level for most of my teaching profession.  I make it a point to learn something new everyday.  I love to craft, read, scrapbook, and of course, blog!

When I'm not teaching, I'm with my fab family!  I have a huge support from my family! They are my secret angels who surprise me everyday!  I love to watch my children grow and fall in love with my hubby more everyday!

Let's take this journey together and make a difference!  I'm ready! :)

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email: firstgradestripes@gmail.com
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